For my work I’ve been send, with 8 colleagues, to India to get training for 4 Microsoft certificates. I’d like to journal my experience.

The flight went smooth, we’ve flown with a Boeing 777 from Jet Airways from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The roads are pretty busy, it’s rush hour around the clock!

The following day, today, we had a free day and decided to go sightseeing.
We went to the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid mosque.

We went by Metro to the city center, which was rather cheap (around ₹20 or €0,25).

The Red Fort is an old complex dated from the old Mogul Empire, and later used by the British army in the colonial era.

After visiting the Red Fort we went to a local restaurant.

It’s funny how the bake the naan bread, by just sticking it to the oven walls.

After lunch we went to the Jama Masjid mosque, it was the first time in my life visiting a mosque by the way.

A friend of my made a quote based on this image: