It’s been more than 3 years ago that I did a post about visiting a datacenter.
A lot has happened in between, moved 2 times from colocation provider and with that moving from datacenter.

I started in July 2011 with hosting on my own hardware in Grafix NOC/DataHouse Capelle a/d IJsel, moved to Serverius DC1 in Dronten when my colocation provider (GetHost at the time) moved.
After 3 years I moved to GyroCenter DC2 in Amsterdam with colocation Provider PCeXtreme and after 6 months I moved to ColoClue.
I’m hosting now more than 2 years at Coloclue and I have to say, it was a good decision. Having servers in both locations, The Datacenter Group in Sloterdijk and euNetworks in Amstel, both in Amsterdam.

Today I went to both datacenters for placing resque media in my servers, that I can boot to those media instead of the harddisks/SSDs and repair the servers or reinstall them remotely.

Also 1 of the core routers in euNetworks gave problems, as a network engineer at Coloclue I swapped it with a spare server we had laying around. After the swap an another network engineer did the software part remotely.

Pictures are below.

Yours truly