Yesterday I relocated my own server, Hayate, from The Datacenter Group (DCG) to euNetworks (EUN).
My second server Reinforce-Zwei was in February removed there, so I only had 2 servers remaining on my account (my own server and a server owned by the MangaKissa Foundation).

I can propably get my hands on a colocation spot in Tele2 Gyrocenter DC2 for Reinforce-Zwei, I relocated Hayate from DCG In Sloterdijk (north-west Amsterdam) to EUN in Amstel (south-east Amsterdam). This way I have geographic seperate infrastructure because I’d like to locate my second nameserver on Reinforce-Zwei, which currently recides in France. DC2 and DCG are both located in Sloterdijk.

DCG and EUN are 10KM removed from each other, so with approval from MangaKissa I setup a daily backup job that transfers each others data to the other server. In case of fire and/or physical damage that there is still a copy left of our data.