Couple of months ago Patrick and I decided with approval of the general assembly of to disband the association.
We couldn’t achieve what we wanted, providing an agenda for the Dutch Japanese pop culture scene and providing livestreams at events.

The agenda was partly our fault, video is so much more interesting 😀
The failure of our livestream project is probably to blame to most of the events as they doesn’t care beyond their gates.
We decided that we are way to far ahead and that it is better to stop.

With the disbanding of, the board is invited to join J-POP Foundation as video technicians.
J-POP Foundation, which is the organizer of AnimeCon (the largest annual anime convention in the Netherlands), was also the only group interested in our services.

While won’t providing it services any more, the livestream at AnimeCon will still be there and provided by the same team as the last three years.

As video technician I will improve, together with Patrick, the video systems at AnimeCon. This will include the video systems for the video rooms but also our livestream systems.
It gives me a whole new challenge, working with a bigger team and more things to think about and can go wrong (Murphy don’t want to be forgotten). Also fulfilling a bigger role at the festival.

I also joined the MangaKissa crew. MangaKissa is a foundation in the Netherlands that provides a library and resting place in Utrecht and some conventions.
I joined the backoffice crew, it’ll be my job to provide support for the front office by keeping systems functioning and other background jobs.

These are a couple of changes that can come on the path of life, which I’m very excited about.
I enjoy wat I do and want to use my skills for causes I support and learning new things.

Yours truly