Relocated Hayate

Published on 28-3-2016 in ICT

Yesterday I relocated my own server, Hayate, from The Datacenter Group (DCG) to euNetworks (EUN).
My second server Reinforce-Zwei was in February removed there, so I only had 2 servers remaining on my account (my own server and a server owned by the MangaKissa Foundation).

I can propably get my hands on a colocation spot in Tele2 Gyrocenter DC2 for Reinforce-Zwei, I relocated Hayate from DCG In Sloterdijk (north-west Amsterdam) to EUN in Amstel (south-east Amsterdam). This way I have geographic seperate infrastructure because I'd like to locate my second nameserver on Reinforce-Zwei, which currently recides in France. DC2 and DCG are both located in Sloterdijk.

DCG and EUN are 10KM removed from each other, so with approval from MangaKissa I setup a daily backup job that transfers each others data to the other server. In case of fire and/or physical damage that there is still a copy left of our data.


Routing your own ip space

Published on 18-10-2015 in ICT

For almost a year my server is colocated at the non-profit association ColoClue. I had my own vlan with my own ip space and it worked well. I have also colocated the server of a friend of my, in the same vlan/ip space.

Previous weekend I colocated my second server in an another datacenter used by ColoClue, now it becomes a little bit tricky. At ColoClue lans only exists in 1 location and do not extend to the other. With my IP space in 1 location I had to reinvent my own network. What made it complicater was that I want to run my systems on both servers at the same time, which is anycast.

There is a wonderfull solution that can be used, which is use network protocols such as BGP. Per server I announce with BGP to the ColoClue routers which IP addresses of my range I want to terminate at that server. Since you can see this, you can conclude it works like a charm.

Yours truly.


A scalable platform requires scalable software - part 2

Published on 28-7-2015 in ICT

In october last year I made a post about the livestream platform employed by the now defunct Whenever.is.

Not much has changed since then, the tech does work and it scales nicely, as I have experienced first hand during the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup at our Animecon livestream. I underestimated the popularity of the show and deployed only one stream server. I was mistaken and had to deploy a second server during the show to keep up with the rising bandwidth use. This show is our best livestream to date with 600 viewers worldwide.

Programmatical short messages

Published on 28-7-2015 in ICT

Short message service or SMS is a services provided by cellular providers for communication between cellular devices such as mobile phones. Some will ask, is that still in use o.O? The answer is pretty simple, yes! SMS is still in use.

Not every cellular device has an internet connection for using services such as WhatsApp, or the user don't want it. But the use of SMS is an another story, I want to use it and send it automaticly.


The end will bring something new

Published on 13-7-2015 in Life

Couple of months ago Patrick and I decided with approval of the general assembly of Whenever.is to disband the association.
We couldn't achieve what we wanted, providing an agenda for the Dutch Japanese pop culture scene and providing livestreams at events.

A scalable platform requires scalable software

Published on 25-10-2014 in ICT

2 years ago I started with Patrick the Whenever.is project, an agenda where new comers in the Dutch Japanse popculture scene can see which events are held and where. We also added a livestream so that they can watch what the so called anime conventions are.

Patrick and I are both webdevelopers so the website wouldn't be a problem, but the livestream was a whole other story :P

Digital Rights Management

Published on 1-8-2014 in ICT

DRM is a difficult subject to talk about. Some people call it defect by design or other things.
I must admit myself that I use DRM is some sort of way;
my own CMS Fusion Core is running on a platform controlled by my self.
But I must also admit that I don't like DRM;
it restricts me in how I use media I legaly buy.


SSL certificates only you trusts

Published on 1-5-2014 in ICT

You would think why use certificates only yourself trusts and not the rest of the world?
Well for most applications you could certainly use commercial vendors for your SSL certificates if your certificates require a common PKI, but why spend the money if you manage the computers that need those certificates?

That was a situation I was in when I wanted to create an offsite replication/backup for my servers. I created my own PKI for the certificates and after some searching for information how to do it I came acros an article from Juniper. it's a step by step howto from creating the root certificate to signing the sign requests.

Now I use my own PKI for the replication and I think I will use this root in the future for more applications :)

Yours truly


YaYCon 2014

Published on 30-4-2014 in Anime

Yay, YaYCon was previous sunday in Amersfoort. It is 1 of the smaller anime events we have in the Netherlands. Around 300 tickets sold I heard from trusted sources (chairwoman).

I was there with my friends from Whenever.is and the first time with my new camera instead of using my mobile phone :P

It was fun to talk again with friends, and making pictures of the guests :D

Yours truly


Imagicon 2014

Published on 29-3-2014 in Life

Today I went to Imagicon with Whenever.is. Imagicon was held in "De Reehorst" in Ede which is the village next door :P

Imagicon is a new convention and focusses on Science Fiction.
The visitors count was better than expected which is good for the organizers and I'm happy for them.

Like anime conventions there was a dealer room and cosplay show (Galaxy Masqerade).

I've made some pictures.

Yours truly.


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